San Diego Comic Con 2015 - Fuji X-T1 Photographs

The San Diego Comic Con saga continues but this time with the Fuji X-T1. Below are some of my favorite shots taken with the trusty Fuji.  

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San Diego Comic Con 2015 - Sony Alpha A7II Photographs

San Diego Comic Con has come and gone once again. Although we are sad to see it go, I was able to come home with a ton of good memories and a lot more fun photographs from the week. While I normally bring my trusty Olympus OMD and a plethora of light weight, high quality micro four thirds lenses, I decided to change things up and take both the Sony Alpha A7II and the Fuji X-T1. I discuss my experience using a different system and my apprehension about moving outside what is tried and true platform.  Needless to say, my worries were for naught and I came home with some images I am very happy with.  Below are all my favorite SDCC photographs taken with the Sony Alpha A7II . If you are interested about my field report, please click the link.   


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Field Report - Using the Sony Alpha A7II for Concert Photography

My journey with my new Sony Alpha A7II continues. In my last post I discuss the importance of having an in-body image stabilization (IBIS) system in a mirrorless camera. When doing concert photography, IBIS plays a less significant role than a camera's autofocus system. Sony claims to have an improvement of approximately 30% over its predecessor. In this post, I take my camera to the wonderful world of Alice in Wonderland and provide a field report about the AF system, the handling and my thoughts on the increased weight of the mark II. I find the Mad T Party a perfect place to test out my gear. Thanks as always for stopping by.

My 2014 Mirrorless Journey with Sony, Olympus, Fuji and Panasonic

First and foremost, I would like to send a special thank you to my virtual friends, Mat and Heather, over at Mirror Lessons for their constant support of the 13th Floor team. Like them, I am wholeheartedly enthused about using mirrorless cameras and have made a "career" around the usage of these particular pieces of photographic equipment. Not only are they extremely fun to use, they offer some benefits that their mirrored brethren from Canon and Nikon just do not offer. In this post I discuss how each of my cameras fit my current workflow and what I perceive as their strengths.     

Review: Sony Alpha FE 70-200mm OSS G Lens

When I ventured into the world of full frame mirrorless cameras, I immediately knew I would need a good telephoto zoom.  The newly released G lens was and still is a highly rated lens for the Sony Alpha A7 series. Although I usually wait about 6 months before I write a review about any piece of gear I own, my experience was so good that it warranted a write up.  If you are already an A7 owner, I am certain you will enjoy having this glass in your arsenal. For more information, please feel free to click the link below. A very special thank you to Sony Alpha Rumors for re-posting our article on their website. Thanks for stopping by.