Photography Tip: Flash Sync and TTL

My photography tip for today is all about flash photography. Despite what many may think, you cannot sync your flash with any shutter speed. The shutter curtains prevent our flash from properly exposing an image past 1/250th or 1/320th of a second (not considering leaf shutters or high speed sync). Knowing the physical limitations of your camera and flash, I help you balance the background or ambient light with your model/subject using an automatic mode most cameras have.  

OP-ED: The Importance of Customer Service

Here are some of my thoughts regarding the importance of customer service. More so than technical skill, there is nothing that is more important than customer service in retaining customers and ensuring that they recommend you to their friends and family. I originally wrote this post in response to an article I had read on the Harvard Business Review regarding the "stickiness" of customers, but as I continued to think about the subject I changed my angle a bit. It became more of what I would promise my clients if they decide to work with me.